The Most Accurate Historical Prophets – Part 2

In part one of our blog to find out the most accurate prophets that the world has ever seen we looked at legendary people such as Jesus Christ, Abraham and John the Baptist. In this blog we look at more recent prophets whose predictions were proved to be correct.

The Brahan Seer

One of the great prophets of the 19th Century was The Brahan Seer, Kenneth Mackenzie served the Earl of Seaforth and he predicted the fate that was about to be bestowed on his own people, the Scots. He made detailed predictions about a great family, The Mackenzies of Fairburn. He foretold of their demise and that they would lose all their possessions and wealth, which all came to pass. He also predicted about landmarks and monuments within the Scottish kingdom would be destroyed and again he was perfectly accurate.

His biggest prediction was that the five bridges over River Ness at Inverness would come tumbling down, and when this happened, the world would be turned into chaos. This prediction was unfortunately highly accurate, as Hitler invaded Poland. The Brahan Seer supposedly was murdered by the wife of the Earl of Seaforth after he predicted that the Earl was cheating on her.

Joan Quigley

Even presidents of the United States of America have turned to seers for their advice. One such prophet was Joan Quigley who was recruited by President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy to give advice. This was the first time that an actual president was known to consult a seer before they made any political decisions. It became a common occurrence before the Reagan’s had engagements of state of met other political leaders that they would consult with Quigley. Unfortunately for the Reagan’s and Quigley the American people found out about the meetings. The whole affair was brushed under the carpet as to maintain the credibility of the president.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was another modern prophet of the twentieth century. Cayce used to invite people to his home and invite them to ask questions about their own futures and that of their families. As the questions were being fired out Cayce reportedly would go into a trance like state and lay on the floor.

From his position and still under a trance he used to slowly answer the questions that were being asked of him. It is said many of his predictions came true, including that the Great Depression would happen and that Adolf Hitler would come to power. Cayce was not flawless, and this was proved when he made a prediction that the state of California would slip into the ocean, this was obviously proved to be highly incorrect.

Madam Marie

Another recent American seer was Madam Marie and she practiced her trade mostly in the New Jersey region. One of her most famous predictions was that Bruce Springsteen would become a huge international music star. Springsteen actually sang about Madam Marie in one of his songs and other music greats such as Elton John and Ray Charles are known to have consulted her. Madam Marie ends our blog on the most accurate historical prophets and as you can see not all seers are false.