The Different Global Religions – Part 2

The second and concluding part of our blog post to discover the great religions around the world looks at the two most popular religions of Christianity and Islam. We look at the fundamental differences and what their followers believe. But before we start first, we look at Buddhism, a highly popular religion in Asia.


Buddhism is closely linked to Hinduism and in fact in nations such as Thailand it is common followers of Buddhism will attend Hindu temples. The main point of Buddhism is that there is not a central god to be worshipped. Buddha was never a god, he was, however, somebody that achieved spiritual enlightenment, which is the core of the religion. Every Buddhist strives to break the continuous wheel of death and rebirth, in other words reincarnation. Buddhists believe in reincarnation and seek to end the cycle, they believe that it is the way a person lives their life that causes the endless wheel, and by practicing a life free of cravings and sin this can be attained.


The second largest religion in the world believes in one god who is name Allah, he is the supreme being and is superior to everything. Allah created the universe and is the source through which all evil and good flows, everything that happens in the world is Allah’s Will. Followers of Allah sees themselves as his servant, and Allah will be merciful to them depending on what good they do in their life and how devoted they have been. In Islam there are many prophets and Muhammad are widely considered to be the most important, his words and the way he lived his life are highly important in the Islamic religion.


There are more Christians in the world than any other religion, and like Islam all Christians believe in one god. Who is known as the Creator who formed the universe. He is considered to be a god of love. His son Jesus Christ came to live on Earth not as a prophet or a teacher of enlightenment, but rather God in human form. He forgave sinners and performed miracles for the sick and needy. His message was simple, anybody that believed in him would live in peace eternally.

Christians believe in one book called the Bible, and that it is God’s words written down to follow. It also is an account of the life of Jesus and the good deeds and miracles he performed. In its pages the Bible demonstrates through the life of Jesus how God would want his followers to act and live their own lives.

This religion believes that all mankind sin, and see their salvation through Jesus, who they call the Messiah. In the Old Testament the prophets teach that Jesus paid for all the sins of humanity by being crucified. Then three days later he rose from his tomb proving that he was indeed a deity. These important religions account for the way many people across the world live their lives and interact with each other in the ways that they do.