Services the Church Provide – Part 1

In the modern world of today, mankind has more knowledge at their fingertips than ever before. Medicine and science continue to make massive steps forward. There are faster cars, bigger boats, more powerful computers and an internet that is mutating wildly. Many people are gaining advantage from such a fast-paced world, business is thriving and jobs offer better pay and prospects now than they have ever done. Two cars parked on the drive, and a nice detached family home is now considered achievable for all.

However, it is when tragedy occurs and all this is taken away that people finally see the fragility of life and how not permanent life can be. When this happens, people flock to their churches in their droves. The church stands as symbol of hope and somewhere that can be turned to in a time of crisis. The sad fact is that when times get back to normal, then the church is forgotten as quickly as it was remembered. But despite these double standards, the church continues on and provides many services to the community. In this blog we look at some of the essential functions the Church provide.

Meeting the Needs of the Community

It is a fact that everybody has to have certain needs taken care of, these could be emotional, spiritual or physical. The modern world normally provides this but the church is a bastion and a rock that the community can rely on.

The world today is far from free of poverty, homelessness and people struggling to survive. People with faith are in the same mix as everybody else and are definitely not exempt from the trials of what the world throws up. It does not matter what size the church is, it can provide aid and help for its community. The larger churches will have more resources but there is nothing to stop small group ministries reaching out and giving aid to the community. The church gives tangible and spiritual help now just as it always has. Be this offering food or services, such as counseling.

One-Stop Centers

Across the world, giant retail chains have built vast Super Centers outside major towns and cities. The huge shopping complexes offer every imaginable good for sale that you could possibly think of. They provide a convenient way to shop and in every sense of the word they are a convenience store. In its own way the church can be considered such a store, whatever the problem there is a religion-based solution. Not every church would have the resources to give such a one-stop-shop, but they would know where to direct people to go and provide a sound advice.

Each and every church should strive to meet the needs of its community and also to bring a spiritual message to its practical help and advice. As in the Christian bible when Jesus fed the multitude before a sermon, any church can look after the needy with sustenance before mass. In part two of this blog we will look at more ways the church provides services to the community.