Pope Francis is Leading Today’s Church to Modernism

Pope Francis was elected as the successor of Pope Benedict XVI on 13th March 2013 by a papal conclave. Born on 17th December 1936  in Flores, Buenos Aires, Pope Francis has made a reputation of himself as someone open to modern and new thoughts. Throughout his tenure as the Pope, the world has seen him taking unprecedented steps to promote peace and love in the world.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

Unlike his predecessors, Pope Francis doesn’t keep himself away from speaking on the global happenings. He even criticizes any policy of the world leaders that he finds wrong. Known for his humbleness across the globe, Pope Francis has chosen to live in a small apartment. He doesn’t wear any ornaments over his vestments and uses fuel-efficient cars to come for meetings. Let’s take a look at how Pope Francis is leading the way in modernizing the thinking of the church.

Unifying all faiths

Pope Francis has taken a lot of steps for a healthy and peaceful relationship among all kinds of beliefs in the world. He invited the leaders of different religions to pray together for a friendly and harmonious Middle East. Pope Francis is well respected by the people of Islamic and Jewish communities. Even with the Orthodox Churches, he has developed a good relationship.

Making an inclusive church

In 2013, Pope Francis stated that the obsession of the church with issues like gay marriage, contraception, and abortion had reached too high. He does not want to focus on these issues and wants to create a church that welcomes everyone. Even the communities like the LGBT community, which have long been treated harshly would be welcomed to the church. On a visit to Paraguay, Pope Francis invited the activists of SomosGay, an LGBT group.

The greed of world leaders

Pope Francis openly speaks about current global issues and problems. He pointed out greed and profit as the root cause of most problems in the world. He does not even spare the church from his criticism. A commission was appointed by the Pope to investigate the matters of money laundering and corruption in the Vatican. He said that world leaders do not care about the people who are dying because of hunger but term the financial failures as tragedies. This mentality is the biggest crisis in today’s world.

Climate change

Climate change is one of the biggest problems in the world today. Pope Francis asks all the people to come together and tackle this crisis. He said that the changes we see in our climate are mostly human-made. He thinks that irresponsible development, institutionalized greed, and consumerism are mainly responsible for this condition of our planet.  The whole world is suffering today due to the acts of rich countries in the past. These countries did not care about anything but their greed. The most significant impact of climate change can be seen in the poorest countries, and they can’t even fight it.