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The Greatest Ever Popes – Part 2

two of our blog looking at the greatest ever popes in history focuses on other
great men that came to the fore during their tenure as Pope of the Catholic
Church. The heavy burden of following two thousand years of previous other
great …

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The Greatest Ever Popes – Part 1

be elected as pope is not the easiest of jobs, it fact it is one of the hardest
jobs in the world. Firstly the line of popes goes back two thousand years, and
to hold the office of pope is to be …

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What is the Difference Between a Cathedral and a Basilica

The terms of
cathedral and basilica are often misunderstood and the building themselves
often cannot be told apart. Nevertheless, these majestic church buildings are
not your average church, but what is the difference between them?


cathedral is a church that is the main hub …