The World’s Largest Churches – Part 1

In the case of religion size does matter, and for many faiths the building of grand cathedrals, basilicas, temples and mosques represent not just opulence but how great their religion or god actually is. In the past centuries great religious building were erected as places of pilgrimage and people from all over the world traveled … Read moreThe World’s Largest Churches – Part 1

How Major Religions Spread Around the World – Part 2

In part one of our blog to try and understand how major religions spread around the world we saw how the growth of Christianity was mainly down to influence of key political and social leaders. It was not a demand from a disgruntled mass populace complaining about inequalities. It grew because influential people from the … Read moreHow Major Religions Spread Around the World – Part 2

Religion in the Internet Age

Internet age

In a previous article on this website, we have looked at how major religions spread across the globe to recruit the high numbers of worshippers that they have today. Faiths such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism spread far and wide thanks to travellers teaching people about them wherever they went and instructing new people on how to conduct the practices involved in that particular brand of worship. This meant that, whenever these original distributors moved on, they left converted worshippers behind who could carry on their work, spreading the word about a new religion.

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